Mastic Primer 101


For use on porous roof substrates. This elastomeric primer is designed to penetrate the roof substrate and create a perfect bonding surface for the top coat. Designed as primer ONLY.

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Mastic Primer 101 (Roof Primer) is a water-based, elastomeric coating and sealant made from 100% acrylic resins. This extremely durable, penetrating sealant is tenacious and is designed to be used as a prep and prime coat and/or to restore coarse or highly weathered surfaces. The product is made with mildew resistant agents and is highly resistant to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Mastic Primer 101 is a permanently flexible, breathing membrane, allowing moisture from the substrate or building interior to escape while remaining impervious to water penetration from the exterior. Mastic Primer 101 is not intended to be used as a primer coat on rusted metal roof surfaces – see Metal-Koat 102 Rust Inhibitive. This product is designed as a low hide base or primer coat only

Mastic Primer 101 (Roof Primer) is engineered and developed to perform well under severe commercial, residential, industrial, agricultural and institutional applications. Use on asphalt, fiberglass or asbestos shingles, barrel, concrete or clay tile, roll roofing, B.U.R. roofs, polyurethane foam, and single ply roofing (EDPM, TPO, PVC).

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