Prime-Koat 624


For use on rusty metal surfaces. This solvent based, fast drying rust inhibitive is designed for rusty, dusty and tie in coat for metal, BUR, concrete and spray polyurethane foam. This low solid, low dry mil thickness coating is used when fast dry time is required. Designed as prime coat ONLY.

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A fast drying rust inhibiting primer designed also as a tie coat for dusty or porous surfaces to improve adhesion of the base coat products. Prime-Koat 624 has been formulated to have exceptional adhesion to a diversity of substrates. Prime-Koat 624 penetrates into the surface and provides good anchorage for base coat product. Once the topcoat has been applied, Prime-Koat 624 enhances the elastomeric properties of topcoat and provides increased resistance to mechanical damage and chemical attack.

Prime-Koat 624 was specially formulated as a primer coat for rusted metal roof panels, weathered surfaces or porous materials. Prime-Koat 624 has an excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates, such as metal, BUR, asphalt, wood, concrete, masonry and polyurethane foam. Due to the black pigment of the product, Prime-Koat 624 has been used as an insulator coat for warming roof surfaces before applying sprayed in place polyurethane foam or roof coating basecoat. Due to low solids and low dry mil thickness, Prime-Koat 624 is not recommended as a coating product in itself. Apply base coat as soon as possible after primer cures.

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