Thermo-Flex 103


For use on positive slope roof surfaces. This elastomeric cool roof coating is designed to protect, preserve and take the load off of HVAC systems for residential and commercial roof applications. Designed as prime and top coat

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A water-based, insulating highly flexible, elastomeric coating formulated with premium 100% acrylic resins and titanium dioxide to provide maximum bond strength. This combination ensures superior flexibility and strength, forming a continuous rubber-like blanket of protection that will expand and contract with your roof. The insulating barrier reduces heat transfer of building materials by reflecting back 80% to 90% of the sun’s rays, resulting in improved comfort levels, lower heating and colloing load requirements and costs. Additional chemical agents are also incorporated to resist the effects of ultraviolet sunlight exposure, as well as mold and fungus growth in warm and humid climates. Thermo-Flex 103 is exceptional on roof surfaces subject to high expansion and contraction.

Thermo-Flex 103 is engineered and developed to perform well under sever commercial, residential, industrial, agricultural and institutional applications. Use on asphalt, fiberglass, or asbestos shingles, concrete or clay tile, rolled roofing, B.U.R. roofs, metal roofing (baked enamel, aluminum and corrugated) and single ply roofing (EPDM, TPO, PVC). If rusted metal is present, you must apply a spot primer to the rusted area — see Metal-Koat 102 Rust Inhibitive.

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